Can you protect your first and last name?

Can you protect your first and last name?

Yes, by registering them as a trademark.

Did you know that famous personalities register their initials as a trademark, for example the famous soccer player Lionel Messi. Back in 2011, he applied for trademark registration in the European Union and subsequently in other countries.

Another popular soccer player Neymar “sued” his name from a certain right holder who had registered his famous name as a verbal trademark. The European Court declared the registration invalid, and the actions of this right holder on filing – unfair behavior.

Not only non-CIS stars protect their names, but also celebrities from CIS countries, such as Alla Pugacheva, Timati and many others. In our practice, we have also registered the name of a famous person – the singer Kairat Nurtas.

If your name is well known and you do not want it to be used by others for commercial purposes, you should consider such way of protection as a trademark registration. The specialists of the law firm “ARBIS” will help you in this!

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