Тоғыз мың қазақстандық вагон Қытайда тұрып қалды

According to Timur Zharkenov, China has an acute shortage of empty containers, which are installed on railway platforms. Kazakhstan, on the other hand, has a huge stock of empty containers. The fact is that these containers are usually placed on platforms before being shipped to China, loaded there and sent back. In this way there is a natural turnover of containers.

Now, given that the pandemic has reduced the volume of traffic and at the same time the need to transport goods along the corridor Western China – Western Europe has increased, the only track was overloaded. After that, the Chinese unilaterally established a rule: only filled containers should enter their territory. The head of the Union of Industrialists believes that there is some logic in this, but not in the current force majeure situation. The problem is aggravated by the growing number of abandoned trains because of the lack of locomotives.

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