How do you make a brand recognizable?

In business, the concept of a “strong brand” that has an impact on customers is often glimpsed. Do you want to take the first step in becoming a recognizable company and expanding your business geographically?

Then register your brand (trademark), because it will not only increase your competitiveness, but also protect you from unfair competition.

What are the opportunities open to you after registration?

– The possibility of access to marketplaces: the latest trends in many trading platforms are beginning to ask for a certificate of trademark, besides it will help to distinguish your products and services from others;

– The ability to start a franchise: the sale of franchises passes intellectual property (trade name, trademark, etc.), and before that you need to protect yourself, so that if a dispute arises, the right to a trademark has not passed to another person.

– The possibility of protection at customs: the trademark is entered in a special register, then for the carriage of marked goods across the border will need your permission, this is an effective way to identify counterfeit goods and attempts of violations;

– The possibility of placing the mark on signs and outdoor advertising: this increases the visibility of your trademark.

How can you protect your trademark?

– Seeking compensation for the unauthorized use of your registered trademark;

– Enforce the destruction of counterfeit goods;

– Forcing the removal of all references to the trademark on infringers’ merchandise.

What we offer:

– Free check your trademark for uniqueness;

– We advise and help you to apply for registration of a trademark.

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