“Franchising” or “Franchise” are terms that can often be heard in business circles. Famous franchisees are such giants of public catering as KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dodo Pizza, etc.

Franchises can be successfully implemented not only in the catering industry, but also in any area of services and production of goods. Sooner or later every entrepreneur thinks about scaling his business and developing new markets. At this point the question arises of how to do it correctly and what is needed to do it.

A comprehensive entrepreneurial license (franchising) is an entrepreneurial activity when the owner of a set of exclusive rights (Franchisor) provides it to another person (Franchisee) for use on a fee basis. A set of exclusive rights (license complex) means the rights to a number of intellectual property objects (trademark, trade name, service mark, patent, undisclosed information, including production secrets (know-how)).

Experts of our firm will be happy to render legal services for the franchising from the registration of intellectual property (trademark, copyright, patent) to the legal registration of the transaction itself – drafting the comprehensive business license (franchise) agreement with its subsequent registration with the registration authority.

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